currently: - taking time off after [stepping down]( from flashbots in 2023 - investing in & advising projects i care about things i believe: - new technologies are necessary to tackle the challenges humanity faces over the next decades - many r&d breakthroughs are required to get there - breakthroughs often happen at the intersection of seemingly unrelated fields - and catch on fire when they imply/are coupled with asymmetries or exponentials - breakthroughs start from ideas, and ideas come when it’s their time — it’s about being ready to receive them - the ones best positioned to receive them pay attention to the world as it is, think from first principles, are willing to be & to remain contrarian, and have a bias to action things i am interested in: - zen buddhism and its application to modern life and entrepreneurship - crypto quant funds and special situations investment opportunities - innovation systems — how innovation has been & is organized, and how it could be organized to tackle the problems ahead - making sense of how the large tech trends (ai, biotech, crypto, ar/vr, mobility, quantum, climate, space) will interlink over the next 10y, and anticipating macro first & second-order effects - novel applications of quantum crypto and other new cryptographic primitives - novel consensus protocols and incentive designs in permissionless systems - tech pushing the space frontier — either enabling new use-cases on earth, or enabling a multi-planetary future - tech tackling the climate crisis — energy tech (fusion, batteries, distributed grid), carbon capture tech, new materials this website: - aggregates content i’ve created and contributed to - is a way to connect with you! i am happy to chat about any of the above, and to consider working together if it makes sense to elsewhere: - [twitter]( - [farcaster]( - [linkedin](